• Question: why do you think that is important to get girls and young woman into science

    Asked by TheDoctor2.0 to Kate on 13 Dec 2015.
    • Photo: Kate Wright

      Kate Wright answered on 13 Dec 2015:


      There’s a few reasons – for a start, I think science is great and I don’t see why men should get to have all the fun. For another thing, science is about discovering new things and looking at things in new ways, so it can be helpful to have different perspectives and ideas, plus if you’re shutting half of the population out from a subject then you’re losing half of the great minds that could have been solving problems with science or inventing new things. Another reason is that science jobs tend to be much better paid than jobs that are traditionally done by women (like nursing, child care, hair styling etc) and I think it would be good if women earned the same on average as men.

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