Thank you from your winner – Nicholas!

nicholaspearceHey everyone,

A lot of my inspiration in science comes from those who explain it really well. Writers like Isaac Asimov and YouTubers like Michael Stevens of Vsauce and Henry Reich of minutephysics are a few particular favourites. Their ability to explain even the most difficult topics so elegantly to a large audience, as well as showing just how enjoyable science can be, is a talent I would love to have.

I had a brilliant time on I’m a Scientist and really enjoyed the opportunity to try and explain a huge variety of scientific topics to all you guys, from black holes to bacteria. I’m thrilled to have been selected as a winner – I hope it means I can explain things as well as those I admire.

Thank you very much to all the students who took part – the depth and range of your questions was phenomenal, and seeing just how interested and enthusiastic you all are when it comes to science really shows how useful events like this are!

A big round of applause to the other scientists in the zone: Rachel, David, Kate and Eva – you were very worth competition and excellent scientists! And another round for the mods and organisers who made everything about the event run so smoothly, I hope that thanks to your hard work I’m A Scientist continues to be a great experience for students and scientists everywhere.

I’m looking forward to putting the prize to good use and hopefully getting lots more people interested in everything science can do!

Thank you all,


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